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Whether you’re renewing your mortgage for the first time or the last time, we’re here to help you save money with the right mortgage options for your current and future needs.

Renewing Your Mortgage – How it Works

Renewing your mortgage is simple! Here’s how it works and a quick summary of some things you can do to make it even easier:

Step 1 : Start thinking about your needs and goals.

If you’re close to renewal, now is a great time to review your financial goals and your plans for the future. You might want to consider the following types of questions:

  • Has your financial situation changed since your last renewal?
  • Are you planning any home renovations or will you need additional funds?
  • Will you be moving within the next year?
  • Do you prefer fixed or variable rates, or are you unsure?


Renewing for the first time? Have questions?

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Step 2 : Consider renewing early!

We’ll contact you about 120 days out from your renewal date to discuss your current mortgage needs. (You can also call or visit us.) You can renew early at this point (or any time up to your renewal date), or you can wait and consider your options.

If you renew early, you’ll be able to lock in at current interest rates even sooner – which could save you thousands of dollars in interest if rates rise before your renewal date.

Step 3 : Time to renew if you haven’t already!

About three weeks before your renewal date, we’ll send you a renewal letter in the mail. If you have questions about your renewal rate and term, you can give us a call or visit one of our offices.

When you renew your mortgage at maturity, you are protected from an increase in interest rates, for the interest type and term you selected, in the 30-day period prior to your regularly scheduled renewal date. And, if the interest rate changes before your actual mortgage renewal date, you’ll automatically receive the lower rate for the term and type you chose.

It’s that simple!

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